Auskel Management And Logistics Services Limited was incorporated in 2015. Auskel is a services delivery company that provides a wide range of excellent services in facilities management and logistics to our clients in the best standard and economical manner.

Our primary aims are:

  • To give our clients rest of mind through excellent and satisfactory deliverables.
  • To offer affordable and highly competitive cost options
  • To add value to our client’s property and business
  • To be the first and best reference point

In addition to our primary aims:

  • We focus at building strong foundation based on Trust and Efficient Services.
  • Our team is made up of qualified, experienced, dedicated and loyal personnel to sustain our vision.
  • Our customer satisfaction and people relationship procedures are formed based on experiences and achievable thorough continuous improvements.


Our Vision

To become a reputable company known for efficient and satisfactory services.


Our Mission

In line with our Company’s vision statement, Auskel will deliver the highest value to our clients, employees and shareholders as a premier services delivery company. Our relentless innovative focus on customers’ satisfaction through people and process will set us ahead.


Our Values:

  • Dependable(Our word, our image)
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Dedication to excellence


Why Us:

  • Pocket friendly and affordable cost
  • Prompt deliverables
  • We go beyond our clients expectations

Our Guarantee

Excellent Services Delivery

  • 24-Hour Customer Care
    We operate open call numbers for clients issues and resolution on 24/7 basis.
  • Competent Personnel
    Our team are well trained and experienced to handle all tasks (complex and light) in the best professional manner.
  • Processes and procedures
    We ensure documented standards, processes, and procedures for effective tracking and referrals of all issues on site.
  • Vendor Management
    We maintain database of suppliers of quality materials and providers of quality services as sub-contractors under our management.